11th ‘Anti ― Counterfeiting’ International Forum
5-6 october
Saint―Petersburg, Russia
The ‘Anti-Counterfeiting 2023’ Forum is the central discussion platform within the EAEU
at which representatives of the public, the government, and business can discuss problems
concerning the protection of civilized markets against illegal trafficking in industrial products.
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To ensure a constructive dialogue about problems concerning the innovative economy and how to develop effective mechanisms for the legal protection of the interests of consumers and businesses, including combatting the production and distribution of counterfeit products, which poses a serious threat to economic security.
5th ‘Anti-Counterfeiting-M’ International Youth Forum. Training of personnel on how to combat the illegal circulation of industrial products
Modern trends in the fight against the illegal trafficking of industrial products in the EAEU: Digitalization, easing the administrative burden, and parallel imports
Development of a consolidated position among the participants in the ‘Anti-Counterfeiting 2023’ Forum about an action plan to support the battle against the illegal circulation of products and consumer protection
Ways to improve the battle against the illegal circulation of light industry goods
Creation of a new architecture of state control over compliance with the requirements of EAEU technical regulations
Ensuring a constructive dialogue on problems concerning the innovative economy
Main goal
Business program
Program architecture
Unified approach to market regulation,
synchronization and data exchange of national
systems as a way to simplify cross-border interaction
Law enforcement practice in the EEC Member States in the field of protection of intellectual property rights
How do the largest representatives of online commerce fight counterfeiting, how are things in e-commerce in the EAEU
How to put the administration of big data at the service of the state in order to combat illegal trafficking of goods.
Transfer of unregistered medicines between the EAEU countries - risks and threats
How to avoid the movement of counterfeit goods between the EAEU member states and the "laundering" of exciseless products in other countries.
Digital solutions of the customs services of the EAEU countries
How to protect children from illegal goods on the territory of the EAEU countries.
The problem of counterfeit goods in light industry: trends
To protect the consumer as much as possible is a national priority of all EAEU states. How to increase the level of control over low-quality food products?
Problems of illegal trafficking of building materials in the EEC countries
Regional experience in countering illegal alcohol trafficking
The view of young people on the problem of illegal trafficking in industrial products. How to attract young people to counteract the illegal turnover of industrial products in modern conditions?
A competent consumer is a responsible business. A new quality of the relationship between the participants of the consumer market
Development of labeling in the EAEU
New trends in law enforcement practice to combat the turnover of counterfeit products in the EAEU.
New "Cherkizon" or a space of freedom?Counterfeit online
Who owns the information -
owns everything. Monitoring
of the situation in the sphere
of illegal turnover of industrial products.
Pharmcontrafact: threats
to the EAEU medical market
How illegal tobacco gets across borders The EAEU
The figure is on guard
Is Cheburashka under threat?
Counterfeit goods in the field of children's goods.
Light industry: forged with love!
"Daily bread": fakes in food products
What is your house made of?
The fight against illegal alcohol - who wins?
The fifth International Youth Forum "Anti-Counterfeit-M"
Society against counterfeiting. Literacy as a key factor in the effectiveness of the EAEU consumer market
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