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Named priority products in the fight against counterfeiting on marketplaces

There are already more than 9 million positions on the agency’s list, among which there are groups of priority goods in the fight against counterfeiting, said Nazariy Skrypnik, head of the Federal Accreditation Service.

Special notes appeared on Russian marketplaces about the compliance of goods with safety requirements. Online buyers see the document number, go to the register of the department and check the availability of the certificate, its validity period, view the details of the goods verification. If the product card already contains a link to the document, according to which violations were detected and the status was changed to invalid, marketplaces close the opportunity to buy an unsafe product. At the moment, work is being carried out in a test mode, but Rosaccreditation is striving to automate the process.

The head of the department, Nazariy Skrypnik, said that in order to control products and check the operation of marketplaces, Rosaccreditation launched a system of “green checkmarks”: “The bottom line is that in the card of each product that has a certificate or declaration, there should be a link to them. Anyone can check these documents in the registry of our service. If there is a valid certificate, then such a product has been tested in a testing laboratory.

Goods for children are among the first to receive “green ticks” - this is the priority of the department: “The project has been developing for more than two years. Today there are about 9 million product cards that have such a link. We are only at the beginning of the journey, and our priority is children's products. These are strollers, children's shoes, car restraints and other products for children. Such goods will, as a matter of priority, receive a corresponding link to the registers of the Federal Accreditation Service.”

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