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The head of Rosakkreditatsiya told how to protect the market from counterfeit

Fixing all participants in the chain from the manufacturer to the buyer will help reduce the number of counterfeit products in Russia. Such control is possible thanks to the system of mandatory labeling of goods, said Nazariy Skrypnik, head of the Federal Accreditation Service: "If we talk about the proper control of goods from the shelf in the store, there should be a digital connection between the toy in your hands and the document about its safety in the system. For this, additional mechanisms are used, the GTIN code, for example. The Chestny Znak brand has unique characteristics of the product, it moves with it from the place of production to the end consumer."

In connection with the introduction of the labeling system, the concept of "certificate exhaustion" appears — if a document is issued for 5 thousand units of goods, and they have already passed through the checkout, then the Honest Sign system takes into account each brand, and it will not be possible to sell more than the declared number of goods under this certificate. If the product is recognized as unsafe, and the certificate for it is invalid, "Honest Sign" will not allow the sale of the product.

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